Previous Years Questions & Solutions of Soil Mechanics

  1. A cube of dried clay having side 4 cm long has a mass of 110 g. The same cube of soil when saturated at unchanged volume, has a mass of 135 g. Draw the soil element showing the volumes and weight of the constituent, and then determine the specific gravity of soil solids and voids ratio.2. A 12 m thick bed of sand is underlain by a layer of clay 6 m thick .The water table that was originally at ground level is lowered by drainage by a depth 4m, where upon the degree of saturation above water table reduces to 20%. Determine the increase in the effective pressure at mid of clay layer due to water table lowering. Given saturated density of sand and clay as 2.05 g/cm3 and 1.85 g/cmand the dry density of sand =1.76 g /cm.3